Circles Mental Health Master Class.

Every week, we select mental health experts and individuals with personal experiences to share their insights, tips, and best practices for overcoming life challenges.
Here are some of our guests:

Guy Winch

Science of Emotional Health (TED Speaker/Author Guy Winch)

Circles interviews Guy Winch, a licensed psychologist, author, TED Speaker, and an advocate for psychological and emotional health. His books, which include Emotional First Aid, The Squeaky Wheel, and How to Fix a Broken Heart have been translated into 28 languages. He is also the co-host of the Dear Therapists podcast and writes the Dear Guy column for TED.

Dina Gachman

Talking about So Sorry For Your Loss and Grief

Dina Gachman is a Pulitzer Center Grantee, an award winning journalist, and a frequent contributor to The New York Times, Vox, Texas Monthly, Teen Vogue and more. She also writes a monthly movie column for The New York Times. She’s a bestselling ghostwriter, and her first book, BROKENOMICS, was published by Hachette/Seal Press. Her new book of essays about grief, SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS, was published April 2023 by Union Square & Co.

Dr. Cortney S. Warren

Healing Breakups with CBT

Circles interviews Dr. Cortney S. Warren, author of Letting Go of Your Ex: CBT Skills to Heal the Pain of a Breakup and Overcome Love Addiction (2023), a self-help book that explores breakups through an addictive framework. She is a writer on Psychology Today’s Naked Truth Blog, and has a TEDx talk titled “Honest Liars.”

Having won numerous professional awards for her research, Cortney is an expert on addictions, self-deception, romantic relationships, eating pathology, and the practice of psychotherapy from a cross-cultural perspective. 

Jennifer Muldowney

Jennifer Muldowney, Author & TEDx Speaker | Grief + Saying Farewell Your Way

Circles interviews Jennifer Muldowney, TEDx Speaker, host of the Glam Reaper podcast, founder of Farewell Funeral Planners, and author of Say Farewell Your Way. Jennifer chats about how life and loss led to planning funerals for hundreds, finding her purpose in life and helping thousands to heal without judgment or exclusion.