Before you [join a Circle](https://web.circlesup.wpengine.com/group-discovery/?utm_source=faq&utm_medium=direct), you’ll answer a few brief questions, so that we can match you with the Circle (group) and a facilitator that’s right for you. When you’re done, you’ll be offered a few options of Circles that you can join, and you’ll select the time and day that works best for you. If you’d like to get to know your group facilitator ahead of time or want to better understand what to expect, you can schedule a free 1:1 call with your group facilitator before your first Circle meeting. Once you sign up for a Circle, your first meeting will take place within a week or so. Circles meet once a week online for a 60-minute video session. Your Circle will consist of no more than 10 other people, all of them coping with a similar struggle. All participants will be new to the group, just like you. Between your weekly Circle meetings, you can use the in-app chat to connect with your Circle members or facilitator for support, whenever you want to. In addition to your weekly group meeting and 24/7 chat, the Circles app supports you with additional content, like self-help exercises, blogs, and webinars (at no extra cost). If you still have any questions, please contact us at support@circlesup.wpengine.com.

$29 per month, we offer the first week free so that you can meet your Circle for free, before paying a cent.

We believe emotional support should be available to everyone. The price of one full month of professionally-led Circles group support meetings costs less than one private therapy session, and we intend to keep it that way.

Based on the questions you answer when you sign up, we’ll match you with others going through a similar situation and with a professional facilitator who’s an expert in the area you need support. You’ll be offered a few Circles that we think are a good fit and you’ll choose the time that works best for you.

We currently offer Circles for anyone coping with all types of grief, navigating separation or divorce, or dealing with different types of challenging relationships, but we’ll be opening more topics soon. Our customer care is quick to respond and always available for you to consult. Send us an email at support@circlesup.wpengine.com.

We know they are, because we’ve seen them work.

Circles was founded on the premise that no one should have to go through life’s challenges alone, and that there’s no one better to support you than those who’ve been there, and really understand you.

We know that 1:1 therapy can be intimidating and expensive, while Facebook groups and online forums can offer misinformation and often aren’t personal enough. Online group support, led by a professional facilitator, provides a lower barrier of entry to getting the support you need.

Group vs. 1:1 Therapy In a group setting, people feel less alone in their struggle and see that others in the group have feelings, experiences and even thoughts, just like theirs. By joining a support group, you can find a place where you are accepted exactly as you are on your good days and bad, surrounded by people who just get it.

Online vs. In-Person Online groups can be used as stand-alone support or can complement individual therapy. Research has shown that online support can be just as meaningful as meeting with a therapist in person. Online support groups allow you to find support in a way that works with your schedule and life. You’ll decide the time and day that works best for you, and log on from your own comfortable and convenient location. You also get the added benefit of group chat, which is available whenever you need someone to talk to in between meetings.

All Circles facilitators are professionally trained social workers, psychologists, or therapists and are experts in their respective areas of specialization. Facilitators undergo comprehensive vetting and training processes by our Head of Emotional Support, to ensure their approach and caregiving techniques match our professional standards.

After signing up, you will join a new Circle made of up to 10 other people dealing with a similar situation. Everybody in the group will be new so the first month is where you’ll start connecting and building a foundation of support, with the help of your group facilitator. Circles meet once a week online for a 60-minute video session, your first Circle meeting will be within a week or so of signing up. During the session, you may be guided through a group discussion, exercises, or interactive activities. If you don’t feel like talking or sharing, that’s okay. You can just listen. You will learn tools for coping, building resilience, and developing personal growth. In between meetings (and even before the first meeting starts) you can chat with your Circle members or group facilitator in the Circles app whenever you want to, and your facilitator will likely check in throughout the week. In addition to your weekly session, you can access additional content, including self-help exercises, blogs, and webinars (at no extra cost) in the Circles app. Your first month at Circles is free, so you can see what it’s like before you pay. Click here to join a Circle.
If you’re a professional therapist with expertise in group support and you’re interested in joining the Circles team, please get in touch. Contact us

There is no set end-date to a Circle, it runs for as long as members feel they need it. There’s no minimum commitment, you can cancel anytime, for any reason. The free trial lasts one month, so in your first weekly meeting, you’ll have a chance to get to know your Circle and the support process better, before committing to pay.

You may choose to use a “nickname” or go by only your first name in your group if you’d like to. When you sign up we will ask for your contact information for billing purposes, but on your profile in the Circles app you can decide what information you’ll share with your fellow group members. Keep in mind that the meetings are run via video platform, but if you prefer to begin with your camera off, you are welcome to do so.

The entire Circles experience takes place within the app. That’s where you’ll connect to your group’s video meetings each week, and where you’ll chat with your Circle members and facilitators in between meetings. The Circles app also offers an extensive library of additional free resources to support you, including CBT-based exercises, webinars about coping with different life challenges, and more.

We don’t work directly with insurance providers yet, but we do offer financial assistance to members who need it. Reach out to our customer care team at support@circlesup.wpengine.com to learn more.


We’re always here for you. Please contact us with any questions you may have.