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You may be asking yourself, am I even qualified? YES! Open to everyone.

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Circles in a nutshell

Circles offers 24/7, anonymous, audio-only rooms for people looking to share and listen to others going through similar life challenges.

Step up and guide a room

No professional experience is required. Our guides are compassionate listeners who provide a safe space.

Share your life challenge

Facilitate a group of people who get what you are going through.

Become a guide in 3 steps

Step 1: Step up and support others

Step 2: Open a weekly audio room

Step 3: Change lives!

Why our guides love Circles

Finding comfort in helping others

“It’s a gift to be able to guide and support people who are struggling with loss and grief in a safe and compassionate space. There’s healing through connection and community and this platform allows people to feel heard without judgment. We are all in this together.”

Michele Deville
Guide for grief rooms

“My motivation for becoming a guide is my urge to pay it forward. I have an amazing mentor from this group and with what she’s brought into my life, I want to share those tools with others, but with a different spin to it. I want others to have those same feelings as well, especially after losing so much of oneself.”

Christina Stuller
Member of Circles+ and guide for mental health rooms 


Sometimes you want to talk to someone who gets it because this journey makes you feel like you are the only one in the world who is feeling what you feel. My grief journey would have gotten the best of me if I had not found the members of my support group. I want to be that support for others.

Melinda Briones
Guide for grief rooms

Circles guides benefit from


24/7 guide community support

Ongoing support from guides and Circles team members


Professional training

Weekly sessions to learn skills to run your room


Emotional Support

Weekly sessions from a professional to support you on your journey


Free webinars and monthly hang-outs

Relevant courses to learn and connect


Grow and promote your community and network

Gain access to a growing network of members


Change lives

Help others feel less alone


Circles is modernising group support. It is no longer in-person metal folding chairs and meeting at secret locations. We provide group support all virtually within the palm of your hand, 24/7, with audio-only connections and the option to be anonymous. 

Our group support is peer-guided by people who know exactly what you are going through. Our guides may be on the other side or currently still going through a life challenge, but they enjoy meaningful connections and can offer a safe space to be heard and give support. 

As a guide, we give you complete freedom to run your room in your own unique way. However, keep in mind the following guidelines:


  1. Be open-minded: Remember that experiences may differ across participants, and that’s okay.

  2. Be supportive: Speak and listen to others with kindness and empathy.

  3. Be respectful of privacy: Whatever is shared in the room stays there. Please do not create parallel communication for participants in the room. 

  4. Be considerate: Keep the conversation connected to the topic of the room.

  5. If you deem someone’s behavior inappropriate, you will have the option to mute/ or remove them from the space to maintain the room’s integrity and/or safety. Please do not abuse this power.

  6. Share and promote your room across your personal networks: we help you create content for your room to reach as many people as possible, we rely on you to share, share, share!

When opening a room, we provide you a list of segments to choose from. If you do not see a segment that is suitable, please reach out to We focus our rooms on dealing with specific life challenges, so please keep your room title and description relevant to the life challenge you went through or are currently facing.

Hosting audio rooms is a weekly one-hour commitment. Upon applying, you select a weekly time and day of the week to run your room. You can do so inside the app if you want to open up additional rooms.

There is no set timeline or contract we require. Once you notify the support team, you can leave the platform anytime.

If you ever need to miss a week, we ask you to kindly self-postpone your room under the “my rooms” tab before the meeting time begins.

At this time we don’t offer any form of compensation for being a Guide. All Guides are on a volunteer basis.

Our guides have powerful stories, get inspired by listening to The Gooders podcast, hosted by our CEO, Irad Eichler.

Please reach out to Shana at to learn more about opening and guiding a room.

Please reach out Kelsey at to learn more about the growing guide community.

Step up. Change lives.

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