Talk to people who get what caregiving is like.
Embark on a 12-week journey with others caregiving for a loved one. Join an online support group led by a mental health professional.
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Circles in a nutshell
Circles are emotional support groups for people experiencing similar life events, facilitated by professionals in online safe spaces.
Matching you with just the right group We use smart and sensitive matching methodology to match you with people experiencing similar challenges to yours, so they truly understand. You’ll embark on a 12-week journey to feel better, together.
Weekly video meetingsParticipate in online group meetings guided by an expert facilitator and gain tools for reflection, building resilience and improving your day-to-day functionality.
Support that’s always in reach Access your group members and facilitator with an online group chat.
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Members’ stories
Finding comfort and support with Circles
"You’re free to be sad, happy, frustrated, cry or laugh - just be yourself and you won’t be judged. My circle understands what grief feels like - for real".
Esther Grief Circle
"Our facilitator talks about the science of trauma and divorce in a way that sheds light on why I feel the way I do in this difficult experience."
TimDivorce Circle
"I can’t believe the difference Circles has made in my life. My circle has saved me, helping me finally make real progress."
BarbaraGrief Circle
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Circles members benefit from:
Video & chat supportWeekly video sessions and always-on chat to connect with your facilitator and peers
Small and private groupsKeeping it cozy and intimate with up to 10 members per circle
Professional facilitationScreened and vetted expert facilitators for informed support
Science-based toolsCBT based exercises, tools and tips for effective healing
Affordable pricingEmotional support at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one therapy
Always accessibleYour support is in reach at any time from anywhere with the Circles app
You're not alone. Find your group.
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