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Anytime, anonymous, and free.

Drop-in to live conversations and share thoughts, ask questions, or learn from others on the same journey. A safe space to talk, anytime you need it.

No matter what life challenge, we can go through it together.

No judgment, no shame – just understanding. Talk about the ups and downs of grief, divorce, infertility, neurodiversity, and more – with people who get it.

Space held by those who care.

Led by a diverse blend of community members, licensed experts, and thought leaders who want to help you through and share the hope.

What our members are saying

Join the thousands of people who’ve found comfort and support with Circles

I can’t believe the difference Circles has made in my life. My circle has saved me, helping me finally make real progress.



To be able to laugh together while we are all grieving
– this is awesome

Tim Grief
My friends and family have not been able to truly understand because they haven’t gone through a loss of a spouse, but everyone at Circles gets it.



All the support you need, day or night


Anonymously drop-in and drop-out of conversations relevant to you

Diverse topics

Topics range across all life challenges, and are chosen by our members

Access to Experts

Our hosts include licensed experts and coaches that are leaders in the field

Start your own topic

If you don’t see a topic you need, we made it easy to start your own!

Start your own Circles room!

Want to make an impact on others? See a need in the community? Great! Click here to start your own room or request a new topic.

Circles members benefit from


Find your safe space

Face obstacles as a group and be empowered to heal.



Available when and where you need it: you may drop-in and drop-out anytime.



Circles Audio Rooms are free - no credit cards required.



You can remain anonymous if it feels safer for you. We get it.

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