Drop-in support groups led by professionals.

Real-time, audio-only support groups for shared life challenges. Whenever you need it, whenever you can, from wherever you are.

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Connect to people who get it.

Circles is an online platform designed to connect people going through similar life challenges and are seeking emotional group support. It improves access to each other and to trained, licensed professionals.

The founder, Irad Eichler, noticed his mother light up during her fight with cancer when she had conversations with other cancer survivors. After her passing, he found himself needing to connect with others who also lost their parents to terminal illness. He launched Circles to reduce this isolation and increase access to collective healing.

Drop-in Support Groups

Circles provides an anonymous, audio-only safe space for people going through similar life challenges to connect, vent, and grow. Our app offers a variety of support groups for different life challenges like divorce, grief, infertility, caregiving, chronic pain, and more.

All support groups are facilitated by trained and licensed professionals to ensure safety, respect, appropriate resources, and trauma-informed emotional care. 

In the premium service, there are all-day support groups, every day of the week, in 4 areas of support: Connection, strategies, expression & release, and emotional & mental wellness.

1. Connection

Share your current experiences and emotions. Bond with others and heal together.

2. Strategies

Learn research-based tools to navigate the hard parts. With your peers, gain resources for skills like emotional regulation, healthy communication, self-reflection, and more.

3. Expression & Release

Freely and safely express what is in your heart and mind. It is a non judgemental space to vent, validate, align, and move forward.

4. Emotional & Mental Wellness

Find a guided practice to reset body and mind so you build strength and peace while going through your challenges.

Design your own journey by choosing your favorite rooms and guides.

Each room is designed to be a standalone “session,” and you can just drop-in whenever you need it, whenever you can, from wherever you are. The groups are anonymous, so you can simply listen or share with others if you feel ready. No pressure, no shame – just care.

We believe that everyone deserves access to emotional health support.  Circles makes it easy, convenient and on-demand. 

Members’ stories

Finding comfort and support with Circles


“You’re free to be sad, happy, frustrated, cry or laugh – just be yourself and you won’t be judged. My circle understands what grief feels like – for real.”

Grief Circle

“Our facilitator talks about the science of trauma and divorce in a way that sheds light on why I feel the way I do in this difficult experience.”

Divorce Circle


“I can’t believe the difference Circles has made in my life. My circle has saved me, helping me finally make real progress.”

Separation Circle

Circles members benefit from


Anonymous support

On demand, anonymous audio sessions and a facilitator and peers


Always accessible​

Screened and vetted expert facilitators for informed support


Professional facilitation

Screened and vetted expert facilitators for informed support


Science-based tools

CBT based exercises, tools and tips for effective healing

You're not alone. Find your group.

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