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Live Anxiety Relief
Support Groups

24/7 live support groups

Experience relief from anxiety with live support groups & expert guidance

Expert Guidance

Access a team of certified mental health professionals there for you when you need them, with expert guidance and support

Dedicated Support groups

Join professionally led group sessions anonymously. each session is specifically designed to support those suffering from anxiety.  

Supportive community

Meet others facing similar challenges. Be heard, understood, and embraced by a community that truly gets it, and is always there for you.

100% money back guarantee

“Mental Health is a daily struggle and requires the right support 24/7, that’s why I love what Circles has done, it’s a true game changer in people’s lives”

Patrick J. Kennedy

Former U.S Congressman

you can count on

Discover a team of visionary, empathetic, and brilliant mental health professionals, eager to guide you on your personal journey.

Jacqui Yates

Anxiety and trauma response expert

Denard Fenaud

Couples Counseling • Mental health • Divinity

Yamarie Negron

Intimate Relationships • Trauma • Holistic Healing

Cassandra James-Weathersby

Anxiety and mindfulness expert

MiiK Wells

Anxiety and self attunement expert

Tina Cook

Anxiety and mindful self care expert

Leanzar Stockley

Anxiety and authentic self expert

Vanessa Slotterback

Anxiety and art therapy expert

Master your anxiety

Acquire powerful strategies to overcome anxiety and depression.

Gain Personal Insights

Understand how your behaviors and thoughts impact your mental health.

Build Resilience

Cultivate effective coping skills to thrive in the face of stress, trauma, and life’s obstacles.

100% money back guarantee

24/7 live support

Find relief whenever you need it

Don’t wait for a weekly session. Join day or night, at work or while driving.


Never feel alone again

Meet others facing the same challenges. Be heard, understood, and championed by a community who truly gets it.


Free to be who you are

Stay anonymous while sharing or listen in. Dive into a safe space where genuine connections foster healing.

100% money back guarantee

Thanks for a this place to share! A place to just listen and get something from everyone sharing! I really Appreciate this App for so many different reasons! Thank You, Circles!

BekFaye March 2023

05 / 05

Using Circles, I finally found a plan that resonated with my needs. The support rooms were invaluable—I felt understood and supported.

Taylor HKN, April 2023

01 / 05

Thank you for having this session. I now realize that I’m not in this alone – people from different backgrounds are going through the same thing.

Vicky, March 2023

02 / 05

Really innovative app with tons of support groups for people in a variety of situations. It really helps to hear what others in a similar situation are going through.

AJ, April 2023

03 / 05

This platform has allowed for tremendous healing to happen, and it is simple enough that older nurses have been able to join as well. Thank you!

thankfulcirclesnurse ,Feb 2023

04 / 05

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