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When you join Circles, you’ll be asked a few brief questions so we can match you with the right Circle and therapist. You will receive a few options, and you can select the best time and day that works for you. Circles meet once a week live online for a 60-minute video session. You can chat with your Circle members or therapist on the Circles app 24/7.

In addition to your weekly session, you can access Circles content, including self-help exercises, blogs, and webinars (at no extra cost). If you still have any questions, please contact us at

Research shows that online support can be just as meaningful as meeting with a therapist in person, with demonstrated results in improved emotional wellbeing. We believe in the power of the group and the value of sharing your experience, while giving and receiving support. Online groups can be used as stand-alone support or can complement individual therapy.

This is our expertise. Based on the information you provide when you sign up, we’ll match you with others facing a similar situation and with the professional faciliatator who’s an expert in this area.

Our customer care is always available for you to consult. Send us an email at

Just $20 a week. You will be billed weekly. We believe emotional support should be available to everyone, so you get one full month of professionally led group support for less than the cost of one private therapy session.

All Circles therapists are professionally trained and are experts in their respective areas of specialization. Therapistss undergo comprehensive vetting and training process to ensure their approach and caregiving techniques match our professional standards. Circle therapists are trained social workers, psychologists, and therapists.

Each Circle is made up of 6-8 pre-screened members who are facing similar life experiences. Circles meets online once a week for a live video session, and are led by a dedicated professional therapist, so you meet with the same Circle every week. During the session, you may be guided through a group discussion, exercises, or interactive activities. You will learn tools for coping, building resilience, and developing personal growth.

If you don’t feel like talking or sharing, that’s ok. You can just listen. But we do ask everyone to have their camera on live during the session to ensure full trust and transparency in the group. If you choose to use a nickname in the group, that’s just fine.

Your first Circle is free, so you can see what it’s like. We invite to join us.

If you’re a professional therapist with expertise in group support and you’re interested in joining the Circles team, please get in touch.

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