Written by: The Circles Team

September 6, 2021

Do you know someone going through a divorce and could use a support system?

Do you know someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one who could use a hand to hold that understands?

Do you know someone experiencing severe stress or anxiety and could benefit from learning coping strategies from people experiencing something similar?

As much as we want to be there for friends and family, and no matter how much we try to support them, sometimes there’s a disconnect between what we can do and what they need.

That changes today. We’re launching a new initiative that will help you help them with Circles Care Cards.

Sometimes we want to help our loved ones so badly, but we can only go so far. We can understand that they are going through a challenge, but we can’t understand the challenge itself. We can’t truly understand what they’re going through, because we’re not going through it.

What they really need is someone who understands. Someone who gets it. Someone who has been, or is, in their shoes and can look them in the eye and say, “I am walking your walk. I understand your tears, you don’t need to say a word”

At Circles, we match people in small groups who are walking the same path. We hear how effective this is for our members, so if you have someone in your inner Circle who is struggling and your help is limited, now you have the to truly extend your help. With Circles Care Cards, you will be able to gift three months of support at Circles for free to any one of your loved ones who you feel would benefit from it.

With three months of support at Circles, your loved ones will be in a safe space where they can share freely and be truly understood by others, and where other people’s experiences will echo their own, all with the guidance of a professional facilitator.

Give them a place where they can truly be heard and understood. Help them find relief with a group of people who get it.

Sign up for free and send them a Care Card here.