Written by: The Circles Team

September 30, 2021

Circles is welcoming Dr. Guy Winch, renowned heartbreak expert, to the team to expand our support to millions of people experiencing heartache.

Dr. Guy Winch, one of the world’s leading psychologists, the author of the highly-regarded How to Fix a Broken Heart, and TED speaker, has joined Circles as Chief Strategic Officer for our Relationship Circles. Nothing makes us more excited than hearing what he has to say about the impact of Circles:

“What Circles is doing is extremely unique. They’re not just offering a Circle of people to offer you support and insight. They are targeting these groups so that they are really specific to your experience. When we go through something difficult, we really want to talk to someone who’s been through that, who understands us because they’ve been through it. Not just because they intellectually get it, but because they experientially get it. Finding those targeted groups is what we all wish for when we’re going through something difficult. That’s what makes Circles such an important solution. We can offer this to scale to such a large number of people so that wherever you are, you can join a Circle and feel immediately understood and safe”

With Guy, we are launching a new program aimed at helping millions of people heal from heartbreak and relationship pain. “Separations and breakups have a massive impact on mental wellbeing and take a huge toll on a person’s emotional state. Grieving the loss of a relationship can be just as difficult as grieving the loss of a loved one. Now more than ever, people need a way to connect with others who know what they are going through in order to practice emotional first aid”. Our new relationship-focused group support will take place weekly, with each group support session matching 6-8 individuals who are facing similar relationship issues in their lives and will focus on a different aspect of overcoming heartbreak and healing emotionally.

This new initiative comes at a time when we’re seeing spikes in break-ups and divorces around the world, many of which have been attributed to stressors related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ahead of World Mental Health Day, we’re giving people a glimpse into different ways they can heal after separation by offering a free session with Guy, one of the world’s leading experts on healing after heartbreak, specifically designed to help people rebuild their self-identity after a breakup.

Sign up here for the live webinar on October 4th, 2021 at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST

During the session, he will provide his expert advice on topics to help people heal, including rebuilding self-identity, creating new social and physical surroundings, as well as how to learn and understand key takeaways from each relationship.

At the end of the session, Guy will answer questions from the audience as well as discuss his involvement with Circles and how Circles can provide support to all those going through a breakup, separation, or divorce. After facilitating more than 100,000 hours of support, we can say that the best way to overcome a breakup is to speak to someone who can truly empathize with what you’re going through.

“Talking with others going through the same thing makes a huge difference because it reassures you that you’re not the only one who can and will survive separation and divorce.” – Tim, Divorce Circle

“It’s great to hear from people at all stages of divorce. Even the ability to tell someone new to divorce that they are going to get through helps me know that for me there is healing and joy coming.” – Lauren, Divorce Circle

These are just a couple of experiences that speak to the power of being in a Circle. We’re looking forward to helping so many more people. We are revolutionizing emotional support so no one will ever have to overcome a breakup, separation, or divorce alone, and we are honored to have Dr. Guy Winch help us extend our support even further.