Written by: The Circles Team

December 22, 2020

We are very moved.

We’re moved by the tremendous response we’ve gotten for our Holiday Circles program.

And we’re moved by the courage shown by so many reaching out for help during this holiday season. We recognize and appreciate their motivation to learn new tools to cope with grief and their openness to connecting with others in a similar situation.

We created Holiday Circles precisely for this reason – to make sure no one feels alone with their grief during the holidays. Especially this year, which has been such a difficult year for us all. We know this can be a hard couple of weeks. And while everyone else is getting ready to take off, we realized this is precisely the time we need to be there for others. That’s why we created the ‘Grief Over the Holidays’ workshops, available for free this week for anyone who feels like they could use a bit of support to get through the holidays.

We know how it can feel when you’re surrounded by holiday cheer and you’re missing that person who’s no longer here. We know because we’ve been there. Thousands of people have responded to our Holiday Circles program and signed up to join the workshops. The first day of the workshop has been a humbling experience for us. People from all walks of life, from across the country. It’s amazing and humbling to see so many dealing with the challenge of coping with grief over the holidays – people who lost a loved one to COVID, people who lost someone close to them several years ago, people working out how to get through the holidays without their spouse, adult children who miss their parents, and parents who are going through the holidays without their child. While everyone’s loss is different and everyone’s grief is intensely personal, there is a common experience and recognition we can share with others. That is the power of the group.

And people are realizing it. Comments we’ve received from participants in the* Holiday Circles* so far include:

“Thank you so much. The meeting was such a comfort. I really appreciate you providing that for us!”

“You are my Christmas gift. I’m so blessed to have this group!”

“You are making a difference in my life for the better.”

It’s having an impact not only on participants, but also on the group leaders. As one therapist who led a Holiday Circle told us, “It was such a humbling experience. I’m blessed to be doing it.”

This year, when so many of our social interactions have moved online, we are using technology for good. It can be isolating to be on your own with your grief during the holidays, and Holiday Circles allows us to connect with others, from coast to coast, for mutual relief and support. Others who we may never have had the chance to connect with through our usual social circles. Others who know what we’re going through.

We are touched and humbled.

Thank you to all participants who have opened up their hearts and shared their experiences with the Holiday Circles. We wish you love and strength during the holidays.

We’re here for you,


Circles CEO