Written by: The Circles Team

November 16, 2020

Reaching out for help can be difficult for many of us. We must first come to terms with the fact that we are struggling and then accept that someone else can help us.

Seeking emotional support can be even more testing. Facing our emotional challenges and finding a way to express them can be a daunting task. We might find ourselves feeling guilty from explaining our situation and emotions to our family and friends. Sometimes, we find ourselves struggling to repeat the same story to the same people over and over again.

Finding an understanding of our emotional process is a challenge.

We might find ourselves being more reserved and isolated after feeling misunderstood by our friends and family. It seems that we are not meant to be facing life difficulties alone, yet there are only a few people around that might understand our unique struggles.

Support groups provide a safe space to be with others who are struggling with similar life challenges. A support group is designed, so others fully understand your situations with common emotional difficulties. It can also be an opportunity to gain the skill sets you need to move forward and learn coping strategies from others while dealing with your unique situations.

Why Join a Group for One Meeting?

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, lost, or experiencing difficulties understanding your situation, I invite you to join a support group for just one session. Entering the first session at Circles online is risk-free and an opportunity to feel a sense of belonging.

At Circles support groups, we provide flexibility and complete anonymity for you to unload the emotional burdens. The complexity of the problems you face is shared with others and understood by other participants on a deeper emotional level.

It just takes one session to create meaningful connections on our chat-based group, gain information, and ask questions from others going through similar difficulties. You may find a sense of relief after just one session.

There is no commitment or challenges that you might face from on-site meetings. We provide a nonjudgmental gathering space for you to meet with people from different backgrounds and locations to connect. Connections happen quickly and effortlessly as you have no barrier or awkwardness similar to face to face meetings.

Take the first step into your relief by joining one of your personally matched groups today.

You only need one session to know that you are not alone!