Written by: The Circles Team

December 1, 2020

Support groups offer a space where people can share common issues, ranging from health concerns to emotional needs. In well-formulated groups, the members can express their honest thoughts and struggles without the fear of judgment. Support groups can be utilized as supplemental to medical treatments or individual therapy services to cultivate healing or personal growth.

Talking to others about our difficulties helps us see our situation clearly by reflecting on our own needs and emotions. At times, our immediate circle of support may not be equipped enough for the amount of emotional pain that we are encountering. Joining a support group can be beneficial in many ways, whether dealing with an emotionally challenging situation or suffering from a mental and physical health issue.

Support groups come in various formats and structures. Some groups may be informative, while others might be emotionally-process-oriented. There are groups for people looking for targeted behavioral changes, specific situational issues, health issues, and groups that serve therapeutic purposes. We are all in need of a support group of a proper shape or style.

Support groups are offered in many different settings, including religious organizations, nonprofits, therapy offices, health clinics, and online platforms. The other locations provide options for diverse support groups to find the necessary care. You will find a sense of comfort in being able to listen and discuss your emotional challenges with others.

These are just a few of the benefits of joining a support group:

Fewer feelings of isolation and loneliness
Gaining knowledge about the emotional process of your difficult situations
Feeling understood by others.
Discovering coping skills
Gaining resources from others going through similar situations
Provides a sense of belonging and validation
Stimulating new thoughts and feelings about your situations
Gaining the ability to manage your emotions
Sharing accountability
We all need a place to share our tears and laughter with a community of people that understand our expressed emotions. Circles support groups offer the opportunity to have a balanced integration of sharing information, building coping skills, and processing emotions.

You will find that Circles offers a unique approach to connect you with your emotional community. Find your support group led by a mental health professional today.