Julian Brass: Anxiety’s an Alarm for Your Life. Listen to It!

Last week, bestselling author of Own Your Anxiety and certified health coach Julian Brass led a game-changing Master Class, Anxiety is Your Life Alarm. Julian shared his own personal experiences–from realizing his dream of moving abroad and getting married to having the life he built fall apart. After founding his own company at the age […]

Smart Tips That Will Help You Relax

Let’s start with this: stress is a perfectly normal reaction for your body. The human body is wired to react to physical and emotional challenges. So, whatever it is that you’re feeling is perfectly normal. But, we do need to make sure that our stress levels are balanced for the sake of our physical and […]

7 Life Hacks To Immediately Reduce Stress

Do you feel like you’ve had enough of whatever craziness is going on in the world at the moment? Has pandemic fatigue hit you hard, or is it just regular, normal burnout? Whatever the reason, high-stress levels aren’t something we want to live with for an extended period of time. We all realize there’s no […]

Can Your Smartphone Increase Stress? (Yes, It Can)

Here’s the deal: the world’s current setting has made us all addicted to our phones. With COVID-19, politics, and the never-ending breaking news cycle, we are all hooked on our alerts and notifications all day long. Experts say the barrage of text alerts and constant social media engagement on our smartphones can take a toll […]

Loneliness During The Corona Pandemic

One of the feelings many people are experiencing during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is loneliness. Our usual ways of seeing family, friends, or just familiar faces have been put on pause, in our combined efforts to stay safe and save lives. Add to that the feeling of loneliness that usually comes when facing life challenges, […]

How to Deal with Political Anxiety

Among the many difficulties this past year has brought with it, an uncertain political climate is also something that’s impacted our lives. With the pandemic, the social movements over the summer, the election, and recent events in the capital, many Americans report high levels of anxiety connected to the social and political climate in the […]

Five Tips To Mindfully Calm Your Anxiety

Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hahn said that we should “Smile, breathe, and walk slow when feeling anxious.” Much truth is held in these simple actions. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, controlling anxiety is more manageable said than done. If getting rid of stress appears so easy on the surface, […]

Say Goodbye To Stress With These Simple Tips

Feeling stressed? You are not alone. Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people. We all know that feeling when your muscles start aching, your heart starts beating a bit too fast and you find it increasingly difficult to concentrate. That’s stress talking. And once again it is trying to rear its ugly head […]

5 Tips to Becoming More Resilient

Many people talk about building resilience or grit, but what exactly does it mean? How can we develop resilience, especially when we’re going through a hard time? Though it may seem like a difficult, abstract thing to do, there are certain beliefs and mindsets we can put into play and practice every day to help […]

This Simple Mindset Shift Can Help You Feel More Happiness Everyday

The Dalai Lama shares a straightforward but important message “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” It would seem that happiness does have a pretty important role in our lives. In fact, our happiness can have a huge impact on the way we approach our day to day, how we relate […]