I Attended a Support Group on the Circles App. Here’s What Happened.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Claire. I’m a middle aged woman with a job, a house, a husband, and a couple of cats. Somehow, though, just because of the way life is, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the daily responsibilities we all have. The car is past due for inspection. It’s time for the […]

It’s Not All Rainbows: The State of Mental Health in the LGBTQIA Community

Mental Health and the LGBTQIA Community Pride month is a great time to celebrate the LGBTQIA community. And while there’s much to celebrate, June is also a great time to bring awareness to some of the unique mental health challenges the community faces. Unfortunately, the statistics don’t lie. The LGBTQIA community faces higher rates of […]

The Narcissistic Relationship Cycle

If you are recovering from or actively in a narcissistic relationship, emotional support platforms like Circles can connect you (anonymously, if you prefer) with peers who are also on the same journey. Circles provides support and connection through voice rooms led by peers and experts. Download the app or visit circlesup.com for more information.   […]

Can Online Support Groups Help Mental Health?

Shortage of therapists

America’s mental health needs have climbed dramatically since 2019, with 43% of adults stating that they suffer from anxiety or depression. Unfortunately, there is an alarming shortage of support for individuals and families in need of counseling. During a time when we need human connection the most, online support groups may be a helpful option.  […]

Emotions Experienced When Dealing with Narcissistic Relationships

Emotions in Narcissistic Relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who seems to have very little empathy and/or an excessive need for attention? Someone who reacts to the smallest perceived slight or disagreement with intense rage? Someone who gaslights or puts you down? Or all of the above? If the answer is yes, you may be […]