Group Therapy vs. Support Groups: What’s the Difference and What’s Right for You?

You’ve probably heard the terms, “group therapy” and “support groups.” A lot of people assume they’re one and the same. But while group therapy and support groups both aim to address mental health in a group setting, there are subtle differences between the two. If you’re considering seeking group therapy or joining a support group, […]

Divorce Coach Interview – Jenine Marie Powell

Ten years ago, my ex-husband blindsided me – he was having an affair, so we got a divorce. I was a stay-at-home mom with two children ages 5 and 10, and I was totally shocked and in disbelief. My whole life got turned upside down in a matter of an instant.

Is Group Therapy as Effective as Individual Therapy?

You have decided it is time to get support for the challenges you are facing. You have already done the most challenging part by recognizing that you no longer want to face what is challenging you alone. The decision to start therapy can be scary. It can be even more terrifying when you are unsure […]

How to determine when it’s a good time for you to join a support group?

Have you been told that you should join a support group by your doctor or your family members? Are you trying to figure out when you should join a support group? These are signs that it may be time to start looking for a support group today. You are isolating yourself One of the first […]

The Benefits of Joining a Support Group

Support groups offer a space where people can share common issues, ranging from health concerns to emotional needs. In well-formulated groups, the members can express their honest thoughts and struggles without the fear of judgment. Support groups can be utilized as supplemental to medical treatments or individual therapy services to cultivate healing or personal growth. […]

How Can I Benefit From Just One Session With a Support Group?

Reaching out for help can be difficult for many of us. We must first come to terms with the fact that we are struggling and then accept that someone else can help us. Seeking emotional support can be even more testing. Facing our emotional challenges and finding a way to express them can be a […]

How Can Support Group Therapy Ease the Pain of Grief?

Have you recently lost someone you loved? Are you having trouble moving through the stages of grief? Do you feel like you are paddling upstream, through Class V rapids, and don’t know how to catch your breath? Grief, like love, may be the most powerful emotion we as humans feel. When we lose a loved […]

How relating to others going through similar life experience can be helpful

Life throws unexpected adversities your way, and at times, it may feel as though you are the only one dealing with such a tragedy. Support groups are a place to meet with others going through similar life challenges. Meeting a group of strangers can be intimidating at first, but sharing a common complicated process has […]